We can do a lot by ourselves, but we can do so much more working together.

To make our mission succeed, we need all hands on deck!
We’re inviting all kinds of like-minded partners.
Contact us to find out what we can do for each other.
Let’s make meaningful impact together!

Impact investors, retailers and food companies

We’re keen to accelerate product development and mass distribution of healthy affordable foods using our unique preservation method. Reach out to find out which awesome products we have prototyped and how we are planning to expand our impact.

Suppliers and smallholder farmer cooperatives

Does your farm or farmer cooperative have a lot of post-harvest losses? Are you looking for a technology fit-to-purpose to implement among a network of smallholder farmers? Let’s save harvests together, so nothing goes to waste!

NGOs and schools

The food we make is exceptionally well-suited for school meals, as emergency food in famine-struck areas or to increase local food security. Together we can develop food formulations that ensure healthy food is available for all.

Our Partners

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